Am I Reading Too Much Into This?

So I broke with a woman I dated for a few months. She was not a bad person, but a bit of a princess. She is very attractive and is not used to guys breaking up with her.

After some NC and initial awkwardness, we were somewhat amicable with each other as we travel in the same circles. She had approached me.

At a recent event, I briefly said hello to her, but for the most part kept my distance. I also felt a bit coldness from her. I am not sure if she expected me to approach her as she did to me last time for some chit chat. I also caught her twice out of the corner my eye looking at me as I was chatting with a friends and at one point greeted/hugged a female friend.

I may be reading too much into all this, but if an ex supposedly dating someone (so I was told by a mutual friend), but comes around to what are basically single events (without the supposed new boyfriend), knowing that an old boyfriend will be there, approaches that old boyfriend for friendly banter, and stares at that old boyfriend from across the bar, does this mean she wants to get back together?

This may all be nothing in my head. Or maybe, she is an attractive (and perhaps somewhat immature) young woman who is used to having guys fall at her feet and she wants me to chase her again so she can turn around and say no or dump me after a few weeks.

Any thoughts?


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  • I agree with the other commenters... you're definitely reading too much into it. I think deep down you would like to think she wants to get back together? Maybe hoping she would approach you? It's hard to say, but that would be my guess.


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  • You're readinh to much into this. You should observe her some more, and then you should conclude on that. Because right now you don't have a lot of information


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