Do I let go or still keep holding on?

I've been with this guy for a few months coming a year now. When we started, we already knew that our due date was set, because he was going to study in UK. But we still pressed on with the relationship anyway.

I thought it would be easier as the time gets by and when I get used to the idea of him being away but it appears otherwise. I cry every night thinking about him going away.

The only reason why it's so bad is because he doesn't wish to indulge in a long distance relationship. I'm sure I understand what he's feeling (after all, you're moving to a new and surely, more fun place. You wouldn't want a burden back home.) I've never asked him for a long distance because I know he doesn't want one. And I never dared to, anyway.

He's leaving in 2.5 weeks time, and everyday, he's still calling me and talking to me like everything's alright. The last time we talked about this he was "You're the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me." and "You can stay in my dorm when you come visit." Is this appropriate when we're supposedly to break up when his feet leaves the country? I'm so confused and I don't know whether to wait for him, or just let go.

I was/am his first and I can tell his relationship actually means more to us than we ever thought. I don't want it to end badly because we're still on talking terms now. But the things he says often breaks my heart, like "I just want to leave now because I'm in limbo."

Do I let go or still keep holding on?
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