Why does my ex keep wanting to know about me? When he was the one that left me?

My ex broke up with me about 6 years ago and i didn't want to know anything about him since he broke my heart. But this year he texted me to know about me I responded few texts back and then i ignored him. But 2 months later he texted me again telling me that he wanted to know about me again. So i responded to be polite and then he started talking about his life and his passed relationships since i was his first girlfriend. Then he said that he wanted to see me in person but i just changed the subjected and everytime i tried to leave the conversation he wouldn't let me leave until i said that i have to go bc i had an emergency. Why do ex boyfriends do this? why can't the they just leave you alone?


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  • I wouldn't have responded to any of his advances as you are only encouraging him by doing that.


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  • Men like to know how dey prev. bitches is.


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