Ex trying to make me miserable for being happy?

Okay so me & my ex broke up a month or so ago now, after a week he was seing this new rebound girl. All the signs are they're for it. Anyways at the beginning he would rub his relationship in my face online. Then last week he stopped all together.

Last Friday I tweeted about how my life was going great & how my luck was turning around. 5 hours after my tweet he tweets something very similar, pretty much a copy cat off it & now since then the rubbing his rebound in my face has gotten worse & has started back up.

It's as if he doesn't want me to be happy. He split up with me but seems like he wants me to be miserable & gets spiteful when it seems like I have moved on


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  • Why are you paying attention to him? He is an ass, you aren't missing a thing. And besides turn it around... he is only doing that because he is jealous. It shows he is a sad, sad little man.

    • Turn it around how? & why would he do this? I don't get it?

    • I mean turn your attitude around... you are saying he is trying to make you feel bad and he is... but i am saying it is really a sign that he is a silly little man. Why is he doing this. He is an ass. Are you going to get it? Probably not other than the fact that he is an ass.

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  • He's obviously a miserable and immature human being. The best you can do is block him wherever you can and stop looking at his things online. They are no longer your concern. He probably wants you to feel horrible because that's the only way how he can feel good about his pathetic self. Seriously, block him, stop looking, he doesn't matter.


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  • He is acting like a douche and your happiness really lies in staying away from him.

    • Why is he acting like this though

    • Most douche guys are just like that after fresh break ups. They will continue stalking their exes and keep a tab on his ex and will try to remove his frustration by taunting or other means..

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