I don't understand why he would be messaging me?

Okay so me and my ex broke up a little over a year ago and for some reason every other week or so lately he messages me out of no where to talk, see how I am doing and just random stuff. Like today he messaged me while he was with his girlfriend and her family to tell me Merry Christmas. Why would he still be even thinking about me a year later?


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  • Who knows or even cares? Humans rarely if ever forget their relationships.

    • I care umm thats why I am setting here asking. If you want to be rude about shit you don't have to even bother to respond to my question,

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    • Yea actually after breaking up with me for the girl he was with for Christmas he should actually have a reason for messaging me... He left me after knowing that I was in a terrible place but that didn't matter... GUYS JUST PLAY GAMES AND YOU MUST BE ONE OF THOSE TYPES

    • Yeah, that's it, I'm a bad boy who wants to play with your heart and pull the strings. Do you feel it baby? Do you feel me tugging? I pull so hard as I push so deep! Oh yeah, so good.

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  • It's possible that things aren't as great in his life as they might seem at the moment. Perhaps he is having problems in his new relationship. I think that is a common reason for people to think of their ex-partner and to want to reach out to them.

    • Should I even respond to him

    • I don't know to be honest. It's probably better if you don't because it might reopen old wounds to have him back in your life.

    • Thank you your so right

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