What should I say to ex gf if I run into during the holidays?

I haven't seen her yet and actually haven't even seen any of her friends either which seems a little odd as we all live in rather small town and they must be back for holiday break. things didn't end very well and I haven't heard from her in a long while , but her family still lives down the road from me and I suspect she'll be back home for holidays or already is back home and only a matter of time until I see them somewhere around town or at bar we used to go to. I haven't talked to them for so long not really sure what to expect if I were to see her or how she'd react to seeing me in person? any thoughs on this? I'd feel better if I at least had some idea in advance what to say to her even though I admit I might not even see her


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  • Well... it a lot of time has passed, I would just suggest that you just greet her and ask how she is doing. Perhaps apologize for how things went down. Then wish her a nice day.

    Maybe she will respond positively, maybe she won't. But if you are hoping that you at least have a cordial relationship going forward, that is how you do it.

    • yeah a lot of time has passed , I find it odd I haven't even seen her for so long as they live so close by , I think she has been avoiding me. maybe if I act polite she will realise I'm trying to genuinely be nice and over the bad things that happened in past

    • well if she doesn't at this point and you do act nice, it is her problem then. Hopefully it turns out ok.

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