How to forget a past relationship and be single?

I used to be controlled by them and they used to not let me have friends and if I did they got jealous and started to make my life very hard (became possessive, rang my phone 24 times in 10 minutes) threatened me. And this made me very upset, so I left them because it was a rather big impact on my life and I wasn't happy. How do I forget all the good memories and remind myself that it isn't healthy for me to do this as its different in reality? My family say it isn't right for me but nothing seems to sink in and I need to forget and move on, how, any good ways to really move on?

Thankyou for everyones answers:)


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  • From your description it doesn't sound like any good memories unless you're into being dominated and controlled. If real feelings of love were involved it will take time. Start focusing on the bad parts and not the good


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  • All the gals I know that went through this "abuse" simply replaced bad memories with new happy ones, usually dance classes opens up a whole new social set and things to do, as does church sometimes, also consider joining those country club sports that include men.


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