Is there any chance of me getting back with my ex after a great relationship but a complicated break up?

Okay so long story short I had an amazing relationship with my best friend off and on for a few years and then very seriously for almost 8 months. We talked children, marriage, and even moved in together. I don't know when things went wrong but at some point things just changed after 6 months. I became super needy and he was stressed. Anyways he broke up with me and I was HEARTBROKEN I begged and pleaded for a second chance and he just wasn't budging. He said he wasn't wanting to be with anyone else he was just unhappy and he needed to figure some stuff out I tried to be understanding but after being a huge part of his life it was hard to let go I tried to give him his space but I missed him so much About 2 weeks go by and we began to start hooking up again he told me he wasn't sleeping with anyone else, HE would say I love you and act like everything was normal we would kiss then said that he wanted us to stay sexually monogamous and I agreed I ended up moving out of town we talked every other day then I got a phone call from a friend of mine that she found out he was texting one of his old fuck buddy So very calmly I called him and asked about it and he FLIPPED out I didn't understand because us only sleeping with each other was HIS idea. He was screaming and pissed and just all out freaked out said "maybe we shouldn't see each other anymore, maybe we shouldn't talk anymore." then he hung up one me. I tried calling him back several times and then just gave up.. about a week later I was passing through town and I go to call him, i mean its been a week I figured he's calmed down by now but nope my number was blocked… I don't understand how you can go from loving someone enough to wanna spend you life with them to your number being blocked? I've just been doing my own thing but I can't help but hope sometime in the future we could work things out. So basically I'm asking is here any chance of me and my ex getting back together after he went as far as to block my #?


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  • The odds are poor.

    • Why do you say that? Not disagreeing as I feel that way too but I just wanna know why you think that.

    • It's complicated. Let's just leave it at my opinion.

    • Complicated is definitely what it is haha

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  • He just needs some space. He got mad for the same reason he broke up with you. You were needy then and you showed that same trait when you showed him that you wanted to be the only one he had anything with. he just needs to distance himself for now. He'll come around.. don't worry, they always do.

    • Thank you! I think you're so right. I really do hope he comes around and in the meantime I'm just getting back to being myself because I have NEVER been the needy type, I've always been super independent but of course I still hope we reunite I'm just scared of that not happening.

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    • Pretty much he was her "first love" that's it.

    • This guy I'm talking about above was my first love and I think no matter what in the future if we ran into each other is still feel the same as I did about him the whole time. First loves will always just share all the firsts.

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