Did I do the right thing? What should I be expecting? Help please?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend, I am sure I did the right thing since I was liking someone else & I didn't want to be liking two people at once so I broke up with him to figure out what my feelings are. Before we went out he would say that even if we broke up we would be friends and I highly doubted it but now i don't know if we will ever be friends. I was honest and explained why I was breaking up with him, we go to the same high school he is the only person that I basically hang out with I eat breakfast & eat lunch with him between classes we are together now I don't know what to expect, I do have friends but not close friends just people who I chat to once in awhile, will I be lonely now? I'm so used to being around him all the time that I don't know what will happen. I'm afraid what will happen when school starts again (next week). We were really close friends before & now this ruined our friendship & I still like him but I also like another guy & I just don't find it right.


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  • You did good splitting up while you figured you out. But it's hard to tell how things will go once you get back to school. I'm sure most would say hold your head high and act like it doesn't phase you. But I'm more chicken then that! My advice is try to talk with him before and get a feel for the situation. If it doesn't seem too bad casually ask, "well I gotta run, meet for breakfast Monday? and you have your answer. :)

    • Thank you, I'm just afraid of the response

    • Well if you don't try at all then you have no warning towards his attitude at all. At least to me a phone call is less intimidating than in person. Just make sure you stay confident. Fake it til you make it lol its worked very well for me in attempting to have conversations I'm not wanting

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  • tell your problem to the first one, if he don't understand then go with the second one.


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