When you tell your bf that you want a break?

will you talk to him at all.. or not? i didn't reply for a day and gave only 1 text to 3 he game me before. so i just wonder if the guy like he told me will proove opposite should make effort first?


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  • You told him you want a break. So hopefully he goes off and finds a girl that wants him. If you want him back, you should not have played a game with him. So make the effort to get him back. if you don't want him back, let him go.

    • hahah what if a guy is a selfish prick.. who can't treat girl well.. why is it all about men? no actually he needs to go and find me or another caring man will snatch me..

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    • If he's that bad then why just a break instead of a breakup?

    • A guy is selfish. Am not playing game with him I need a break.. not a split or break up to see if he understands.. I explained everything to him.. well if he finds other girl that quick- he wasn't my bf on a first place. Second, that girl be hurt by his selfishness and pool of promises he makes etc. No one wants an unreliable guy. I don't expect do everything for me. But it would be nice to see that not just me try to figure things out.

  • Just do it whenever. Do it however. It's all a game.


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