Is it normal to count the days that you and your EX have been officially broken up?

Im trying not to think about him but usually when we take time apart, we start talking back up soon after. This time we broke up and we actually haven't spoken. Im ALWAYS the first to reach out and for some reason I think he thinks I will again... Im not! I did love him but my pride won't allow me to keep making the same mistake. Im trying not to think of him as much but I noticed that I count the days since we've talked as they pass. Its been a week and 1 day... Is this bad? Are there any tips to help me not think about him as much?


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  • Its somewhat normal but the best way to not bring it up or even remember it is to just forget him and try not to think about it. I used to count the months my ex and I broke up which is 9 but I don't anymore because I don't even talk to him so why count the days? Break up and just be done with it. Ignore him for good and never ever speak to him again, cut off all contact whatsoever. Delete the numbers or pictures you two have together and block him off of every social network, I did that after he and I broke up and it helped me a lot. Its like removing them from your life. But I mean you have to move on somehow and let go. Distract yourself if you need to and keep yourself busy. Only time can tell you that but I learned the best way you forget about someone is cutting off all contact with them and never speak to them again. When you think about them you start to miss them and that isn't good. A year or two from now you will forget them trust me, and won't even remember his name. Take my advice please and it will help you, I guarantee


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  • No, not normal. You are dwelling on him and unable to let go. I think this is unhealthy and may prevent you from moving on.

    • I dont want to dwell but I dont know how to let go!! Any advice?

    • Delete all pictures of him and his contacts from your phone, computer, tablet or any other social media device. Remove all physical items from your room or apartment that remind you of him. This can be hard to do. Don't be afraid to lean on friends or family for help and support if you need. Then it is just a matter of just spending time with friends and getting out there and meeting new people. You can do this through friends, or going out to clubs or coffee shops, or even online dating. Good luck!

  • I've NEVER done that: it would remind me too much of her and the beak up.

    After a break up one should move on asap.

    • Its hard... Is there any advice that you used to not think of her? I've tried things but soon after ill start thinking of him again.

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    • I've been talking to other people but my EX is still on my mind.

    • Now you consider him as a lost boyfriend.
      Do more than just talking and that ex will soon be a real ex.

  • Yeah, it's normal.


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  • I do that personally. My best advice? Is to break up and be done. Permanently ! No "lets be friends" bullshit. It's cut them off permanently and never talk to them ever again. Delete numbers , pictures and block them on everything. Time heals and that's my most effective method. It will hurt you will miss them but a year two years from now you will have forgot what their name was.

    • A year or two? Thats horrible. I want all the feelings to disappear ASAP.. Ugh, this is sad!! I hope it doesn't last that long for me.

    • Then follow my advice and do not talk to him ever again. After you get to know someone you remember things about them for a while. You forget about them faster when you don't talk to them.

    • Im going to take that advice.

  • i do not think its healthy to count.. try to focus on other things :)


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