Why would the guy I was seeing suddenly block my best friend on facebook? Please pleaseeee give me your opinion?

Hello. I was unoficially seeing a guy for around 5 months when he ended things about 2 months ago and got a gf a week later. I was surprised as he always told me how crazy he was about me and always got emotional when expressing how happy i make him and even told me he could fall in love with me.

I unfortunately was too indecisive with what i wanted so i think thats why he just gave up. We haven't spoken in 2 months as he blocked me on Instagram and Facebook.

However Recently he blocked my best friend on Facebook despite not even having her on it. She was the only friend of mine he met and I thought maybe he did this as he knew she might lurk his fb for me and maybe there was something he was tryin to hide but there's literally nothing suss on his profile. So why do you think he did this? Because i still really care about him and miss him.

Oh and also i haven't tried contacting him whatsoever since he ended things.


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  • It could be that he May think you're gonna lurk. But then again you say 2 months ago y'all broke up and there's been no contact... So it also sounds like there's been some type of contact between your ex and your friend... But he seems like an ass anyway. He had a girlfriend right after y'all break up. Meaning she was already in the picture... Leve this guy alone. I no it's hard to do.


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