Recently got back on social networks, and my ex gf best friend followed me on instagram and unfollow me what does this mean?

My ex also saw this too, her nephew that also followed me on instagram.

Its been 6 months since the break up and 4 months nc.

She left me for another guy and, she cheated on me in the begining of the relationship and i forgave her and she betrayed me a second time.

Why is my ex acting like i dont exist she seems happy now and like she isn't bother by the break up. 3yrs together and she just said im unhappy in this relationship and im not in love with u anymore and just been cold after that and got with this guu righy after she broke up with me. He is a downgrade compared to me honestly, and he is in jail.

I begged her to stay i cried pleaded bought her ring flowers and apologized too her and asked ger to fix things wiith us but i stop all of that 2 months after the break up. And left her alone ever since

I treated her right. Only problem we had was trust, and i accused her sometims but she would lie to me many times, and i still managed to forgive her and try to get pass it but deep inside it still hurted me n i didn't know what to think. I treated her like a princess i was always there for her when she needed me. When it was her time of the month i took care of her everytime. I never gave her a reason to not trust me, I don't know what to do now i have no friends I don't know who to speak too. I can't get pass this betrayal. 4 months nc i thought i was starting to get pass it but that feeling always come back


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  • You did the best thing by leaving her alone all together. You deserve to move on & find someone better. Your breakup is still fairly new, so of course ur still going to go back & fourth with ur emotions. The hurt will ease over. You know the thing is that some people are good actors, who pretend to be happy when their not, so u dont know if she is really happy or not, looks can be deceiving. On the other hand, she could be happy and I know that sucks cuz u think how can they be happy & act like nothing happened & move on easily, I can't answer why some people do that. Some people are just hurtful and move on easily but thats not your fault. Its her loss cuz you were good to her and she lossed a good guy. The best thing to do is forgive her & move on with your life, it won't be easy but overtime it will get better. You will get past it & eventual find someone who will treat you right. :)


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