Should I receive my bf's call after breaking up with him?

So my bf doesn't work he lives off a fortune his dad left him, we were together for a year and a half. Fir six months were good. And then he started drifting apart saying that he had some issues to deal with, its been almost 6 months I have been hearing this and that about the issues of his life ( friends, finance) And all I feel is that they aren't issues enough to side track a relationship for. Especially the one he claims is the only real relationship he have had in his life. Meanwhile, we had our break ups and patch ups. He never really mad an effort to keep me in his life. I rarely have the knowledge of his whereabouts.
From last six months I have been hearing from him is that I expect too much, but all I expect from him is to show some sincere efforts for the relationship we had.
I love him a lot, and every time we broke off either from his side or mine I was the one to make an effort to patch up.
But last night I really didn't had a good enough reason but I just broke up and he thought I was just kidding so he said do what u feel like.
But I really meant it this time.
I am done with taking the pressure of making this relationship work, when I am getting nothing out of it.
So my question is he have been calling me every 2-3 hours today. Should I receive his and tell him the reason? Because I have tried it many times, talking it out and telling him the reasons of what upsets me so much, but somehow he always makes me feel guilty of being angry, impatient and stuff what should I do?


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  • Hi Dear,
    From my past experience... i would suggest you shouldn't pick d call... if you really feel you have given enough time to your relationship for better understanding.. Now , its time for you to analyze if he really Value you , Respects, Love you and Feel the empty space in his life without You... SO give your relation some time.. If you start proving yourself , that relationship dnt last.. it would lead to fights with NO Results... TRUST is Something you cann't Gain , it Comes by Itself to make strong relation.. So, wait for your LOVE to come back to you...
    I Wish your LOVE Wins an get him back in Life... GOOD LUCK


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