My ex girlfriend send me a text, I reply and she doesn't answer?

Got a text from my ex " did you enjoy the weekend, so you could set your mind to something else? " after our serious talk from the day before yesterday, where i said " i still love her and if she changed her mind to get back together, she could text me..." ( after our breakup of 3 months)

I responded cool asking about her weekend and i don't get a text back... Why does she plays those games... Should i have answered or not? Why is she acting that way...
So error_204: i shouldn't have texted her back? After she asked me?

My text was: it was a lot of fun but it's still not over ;) . How was your weekend? X


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  • I got confused but if it worked out the way I did I think you did the wrong thing and came on too strong (again)


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