She friendzoned me, I walked away, but it hurts soo bad... why?

This girl i was seeing, friendzoned me. I walked away, uninterested in anything plutonic, and haven't heard from her since, but why does it hurt so bad? I only knew this girl for 2 months, there shouldn't be anything there; i shouldn't care so much, yet it hurts? Why?


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  • Rejection hurts...
    If you've ever rejected a girl she felt the same way you're feeling now... You'll get over it.

    • thing is, i don't usually care about rejection, i just go on and ask the next girl out who i'm interested in. Heck, a week before i asked her out, i asked another girl out, who flat out said no. It never affected me so much, i just went on my day and shrugged it off as an "oh well!" and moved on but with this one, it hurts. And it's been a LOOOONNNNGG time since i felt like this. and i don't know if it's the rejection that hurts, or the fact i walked away...

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    • You know, it is life... And i'm doing exactly that. Moving on. I never completely closed the door on her, told her she can call me if she changes her mind. So i just gotta be patient and do my own thing. Still not easy though... :)

    • Don't sit around and wait for her.. Find someone else.. Life is too short to sit around and wait for her to figure out what she wants...

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  • Cuz u have the feelings of regret of not being able to score on dat cutie honestly 😚

    • Regret of not scoring with her, or walking away from something i truly cared about?

  • Id like to believe that there is no such thing as the friendzone. In saying that, how do you believe that she friendzoned you and what led up to the friend zoning

    • I rushed things... I found a catch and was afraid of losing her. She even helped me out, saying "slow down", but I was so naive with everything i didn't even notice, and effectively drove myself into the friend-zone by showing needy behaviour and bringing up relationship talk with her too soon, as opposed to the strong centered man she got to know at first. And it confuses me, because everything she does indicates more than friend interest. She even laughs at my stupid jokes that even I don't find funny. Everyone here says she isn't interested, but I'm not 100% sure of that. I know when a girl ain't interested, and they don't show the signs she does...

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    • if she changes her mind, shell know where to find you! I would just talk to her and tell her how you feel

    • She knows i like her, she said multiple times... And i told her multiple times too. But i will be holding out on that until SHE brings it up, if it ever gets to that, that is.

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