Why do guys do stupid things in a relationship?

My exes always come back. For a moment that's what I want but over time I realize I don't want them anymore. I never take exes back.. But this time I took one if my exes back, because I feel like the relationship can be fixed. This ex I took back he isn't a cheater I never suspect or feel curious. He's a great guy but can't seem to stop flirting. He got me back begged and proved and apologized Even after I told him to leave me alone. When we was together he would flirt like calling girls bae and just being and doing stupid things... He broke up with me this time and said it's cause I nagged and I'm aggy but he was the one wrong ! So because he know e was wrong and got caught flirting he used my doings (blowing him up and arguing) a an excuse to break up with me? I don't get that yeah he's an athlet and gets flirted on but why do it when you got me back? I know he has got to still love me but why do stupid things? That's dumb why do men well some do this?


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  • Why can't people just try and work things out with their lover, it really isn't that hard. If this idiot understood that if he stopped flirting with other woman ( at least while not getting caught) he wouldn't have to hear you nag. Its not that complicated to do, he sounds immature. When I was dating my ex I wouldn't be that stupid and flirt with other woman when you are literally right there. Now he may not be a cheater but flirting can easily lead to other things, over time. Its all on you how you handle the situation. How I met my ex was by flirting and of course one thing led to the next. So don't turn a blind eye on his issue.

    • You're right well I sent him a text message saying I'm done I'm not insecure I loved you fr and how he was wrong and at the end I said good luck on life happy new year lol I know he'll probably think yeah yeah she'll take me back again but you right If he would listen and we work it out we wouldn't be in this position now.. I think I gotta give him space I guess and I honesty don't believe he's done with me

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    • Honestly time, time will let us know if there officialy done or not. But while you wait to find out just focus on you. I'm doing that and I'm exercising and getting lean and after several months i will be one cocky sob lol

    • Lol okay thanks you really helped me instead of being like everyone else and saying it's over or move on lol..

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  • Ridiculous. Guys don't do stupid things in relationships. We do stupid things all the time!

    Flirting isn't that bad. It's essentially being friendly and polite to someone.

    • You're right being friendl and flirting isn't bad nor cheating but when he got caught flirting and I went off blew him up he said he was done then the next day text me and we was good then got caught again flirting and doing stupi things and said he's done because I'm insecure and I'm aggy like why would I WNAT my bf flirting and calling another girl bae? Of course ima get mad I don't know why he said he was done when he the one that did the flirting

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    • You're right. I honesty don't believe he's done with me other than the flirting he's a good guy he know how to treat me we are both adults and I apologized for nagging cause it was wrong a lot of guys flirt with me and I see where it can be the same... Now I just wonder will he take me back since I apologized too

    • Probably just tell him the truth, you got a bit jealous and over reacted. Or say it hormones. That one gets girls out of all sorts.

  • It may just be his personality, being flirty. And I'd break with a nagged as well. That's not dumb, but a smart move in my book.

    • But he came back twice and he was te one that told me "I love you and if I didn't I wouldn't put up with your nagging" so you think I was wrong for nagging?

  • You're just mad you got broken up with for a change.

    • Ummm no? I'm not mad smh you wasn't paying attention my ex is the one that came back but he flirts and does stupid things when he know he got me back I'm trying to figure out why have me then flirt I'm not mad.. Smh you wasn't paying attention to my question

    • He came back then broke up with you right?

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