Is there still a chance with me and my ex?

My ex and I dated years ago. He came back begged and apologized. He's the type to flirt. Flirting isn't cheating and guys flirt with me all the time so now I see how it can be. Long story short when he came back we was good and then he said he was done with me. Cause I nag so a few days later which is today I tried to apologize I called and his brother picked up and did something petty so that pushed me to call and call and text and text. I thought about it and waited about 30 mins til and hour and I really apologized and owned up to my mistakes etc.. If he can apologize before and come back again, why not give us a try? It's just the flirting and nagging in our relationship. Something that can be fixed. I'm an impatient person but I can chill... I know he love me and that don't go away cause I got on his nerves.. What do you guys think?


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  • Please, don't blame yourself.

    • I don't blame myself if anything I apologized for my actions I guess I was showing him okay let's talk and make up but I think my apology seem like I was forcing him to talk to me.. I'll relax and go with the flow I just felt like our issues and the relationship can be fixed

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