How do I get out of a friends with benefits situation?

The man I'm Friends with Benefits with isn't just any man he's my ex and he's my friend. We've been talking about this since Halloween about getting together burning winter break. I saw him on Thanksgiving and gave him a bj (first one I ever did). before that happened we used to talk all the time, but after that he has barely said a word to me.

I know he's busy with college and going to work. I also know that he has life and some other friends and I'm not the center of his world but really does that given him the right to stop talking to me like I don't exist anymore?

I'm tired of the shit! I posted a question last week similar to this question to see about what people think, most people said I should dump. A family members, who I'm very close to, said I should just waiting until he talks to me and ask him what's wrong. I think it was very good advice but winter break is almost over we haven't gotten together he hasn't talked to me I don't get it I'm tired and I'm ready to cut off all contact with him and pretend he never existed. Is that too harsh or should I say something to him? I mean it's not like he has ever been nice to me. When he broke up with me, he give me a weak silent treatment then dumping me for no apparent reason, but I'm not him I don't want to snoop down to his level.

what do you think I should do? I'm going to give him till the end of winter break but if I don't hear from him till then I'm done, even though I have very strong feelings for him I'm done ; ( this is bullshit!


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  • I'd be done doesn't sound like something you want so why not just cut the apple from the tree

    • I'm sorry I'm not good with metaphors :)
      but I'm guessing you're just telling me I should cut off communication with them

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    • your welcome anytime

    • thanks for mh

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