Why do girls give guys thumbs down for being against marriage?

Like when a guy says he is against marriage because he has seen a guy lose it all i. e, kids, money and home while giving 90% of his check to child support after the divorce. Don't get me wrong I think marriage can be a beautiful thing if the guy or girl marries the right person. But I understand when a guy doesn't want to get married because to be fair if the marriage were to end the court generally favors women. I know I am probably going to get a lot of angry females opinions but I am just sharing a males view. I have seen plenty of good marriages as well as bad.


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  • www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1215395-why-do-women-control-so-much-of-the-marriages LOOK AT MY MHO and there ya go nuff said right LOLOLOLOLOL

  • Because you spout random numbers and unrealistic bullshit about marriage?


    • Yeah 20%,30,90 whatever I don't need accurate stats to make my point just ask the majority of men and I guarantee they tell you in this day and age it can be risky like I said I am not against it but I can see why guys are hesitant to marry.

    • Accuracy actually is what makes a case. I know. Crazy thought.

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