Ex GF sending signs she wants us back together?

She broke up with me over a year ago, and we just lost contact completely after I hit her friend (a guy) out of self defence. It's a long story, but if you want to find out why I hit him, you can just ask.

Anyway, so a couple of days ago I was out with some friends celebrating one of their birthdays, and when I was standing in the queue to get some food from the buffet I bumped into my ex.

She kind of looked flustered, embarrassed and shy, but then she kind of turned around and said "Hi, I didn't think you'd be here". I didn't really know what to say so I just said "Looks like we've got some mutual friends then".

An hour later I was sitting at the table with my best friend. I looked over towards my ex's table and caught her looking at me. She looked away, and so did I, but then I looked back and she was whispering to her friend.

Before we left she came up to me and gave me quite a long hug and left.

What to do?


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  • No offense I would of probably broke up with you too if u hit one one my guy friends because I would of been scared of you. But you shouldn't go running after her though you should wait act normal say hi and what ever and if she want you back she will than let her be the one to say it

    • Before you jump to stupid conclusions, I think you should know what had happened between her friend and me.

      It was SELF DEFENCE. He attacked me with a deodorant can and lighter, and I hit him to push him away. He then lied to her, told her I had hit him for no reason, and she cut contact with me -- obviously she had believed him and had listened to her friends... She did NOT break up with me because of it... she broke up with me a month before this all happened.

      So it's possible she's found out the truth... or I don't know... but I'm quite certain that there is more to this. She HATED me... she wouldn't even look at me or talk to me... this was for a whole year. Now, when we randomly bump into each other, she's talking again. It just doesn't make sense.

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    • Well I chose not to because staying friends with someone you love and have sexual attraction for, knowing that you won't get anything in return is TORTURE. That's why most men hate it when you drop the "Let's be friends" excuse.

    • Oh well I'm only in highschool and it seems to work for me but if your that attracted to her than try talking to her take things slow thats all I can say

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  • Tricky my friend, just play it cool I say, let her be the one to initiate things. I wouldn't be afraid to say hi or anything but anything about the relationship she has to bring up so you know what she kind of wants. Yah if a guy friend of any of my exes tried shit like that I would swing at him too. Good luck bro

    • Finally a bloke answers... Women answering this are confusing!

      I haven't had a text from her yet... but my friend has asked me what she was asking at his party.

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    • Backing off and letting her do all the work is retarded.

    • Yes it is but we don't know for sure if that's what she wants. I'm a all for getting answers and confrontation. But is she? If she is not she might run away again. Like I said tricky stuff ha

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  • i don't think that she's sending you a signals, i just think she whants to show she forgives you and whants to still be friends, i did a similer thing with my ex the other day

    • It's just weird that after loathing me so much she decides she wants to talk with me again.

  • Well don't get back with her
    Cause she dumped u
    And u deserve better
    Now she wants you back?
    Tell her to F off


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