Lost please needs lot of advice?

Me and my bf are taking a break. To give u some history we have been dating for years but recently school grades and gotten him stressed beyond words. I don't know if I should text him. I care about him and I dnt want him going through something so painful that Is destroying it. How can I approach this in a way that he will appreciate


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  • I think you need to speak to some professional (your mum). None of us are going to give accurate advice because we don't know how you two act together or what you have been to. All of us are going to base our advice one shit we've been through. Some shitter than others. But if you really want advice here's what I have to say

    Communication is absolutely crucial in a relationship. people misunderstand and things fall apart because people don't have communication skills. Say it to his face. You love him, I can feel that. I assume he doesn't think of you as annoying or a bad girlfriend or wants to break up. so just tell him you are worried. He won't get angry for being caring. That's one of things I'm bless to have, a girlfriend who will care about me. Don't text him cause it can give off the wrong vibe. At the very least call him. He is busy? too bad. You gotta do it. Someone told me arguments are painful, but they bring us closer. I don't know how far that quote goes, but it's true. I usually do hug my girlfriend after a fight.

    Go up to him, bring him coffee, some bread, and a kiss. chat. its healthy :D

    • it just doesn't sound like he is sick of you are needs the fresh. It's just sounds like school is rough.

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  • Take the break.
    It sounds like he needs it and you care enough about him.
    Give him a little air.


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  • One does not text on breaks.


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