My boyfriend broke up with me in the most insensitive way just now. Can you guys say some positive things to at least make me feel a little better?

I could tell something was afoot. I just didn't know what. He felt my feelings for him wasn't as strong as his for me. He also felt my effort was lacking wherein despite working two jobs and a lot of days working a 12 hour shift on my main job I'd STILL drive out to see him and spend time with him. I upped my efforts in calling/texting him since he complained I was lacking in that area.

He claims that it feels like I was "just there" and not really his girlfriend... Despite all the effort I invested in us. He claimed I always thought about "me " instead of "we". But I feel as if he is trying to blame everything on me. I could never please this man.

Please I just need some uplifting words right now to make me feel better. I'm in tears as I write this because he had the nerve to walk out on me wearing the very Jersey I bought him for Christmas. He immediately collected his movie and book he loaned me and walked straight out the door while I was talking to him.

It really hurts... I never once treated him this way.
You guys he had a picture (the picture I took of him) of himself in the Jersey I bought him for Christmas in an online dating site. I knew he had it at one point but I thought he deleted it. He was sooo wrong for this I just don't understand. I've never ever done anything to thus man but be good to him. So why? Why did he treat me like this? What did I do to deserve this?


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  • Can't have the good in life without the bad. The amplitude of how shitty you feel right now will be replaced by happiness of equal magnitude in the future.
    You seem like a nice person, so I predict that it won't be long until that happens.

    • Thanks. That's really sweet. I sure hope it's not too long. I've been just about heartbroken by every man I've been with. I'm starting to lose hope...

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    • Thanks. :)

    • Welcome. Good luck :)

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  • You did the best that you could do, and thats what counts. Obviously he was blind to see the extra effort you were putting in, you did nothing wrong. I'm sure that one day you'll find a guy who appreciates everything that you do and understands you perfectly. I have no doubt that you deserve better than that because although I don't know you, you seem like a sweet and sensitive girl who can get past this. Stay strong!

    • Thank you. That really makes me feel a lot better.

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  • He felt like you were neglecting him. However, I feel he could have at least been more sensitive in the way he handled the situation. Honestly right now hopefully you can try to focus on your career for now, you are working VER HARD. That way you will be more independent, then when you are in a place where you feel like you are ready to date again, you will be stronger.

    • He's just selfish. The free time I did have when not working was spent with him the majority of the time. He wanted me to worship him like he was God's greatest gift or something. He's used to women spoiling him and I wasn't (and still am not) that kind of woman. You're a grown man you shouldn't want me to "baby" you.

    • I understand the kind of man you mean. Plus honestly If I had a GF like that who was busting her tail at work and still worked to make time for me, I would at least hear her out and respect her. I would try to work things out.

    • All he has done is constantly complained to me. He in no way has tried to "work things out" with me. He just comes to me with a "problem" blames me for the problem but then turns back around and say we'll I'm not trying to put the blame on you. In his eyes he can do no wrong. But it's all good I'll move on. I just hate things ended like this.

  • Look no further than to my boy @Keyspirits. You know what to do!

  • he's an immature dick! You don't want to marry someone like him! So you dodged a bullet there. And from experience, you just need time! It is ok to cry and be upset and be sad for weeks on end, but afterwards, you'll build yourself up and be strong again. Its been 9 months since i split with my ex and im still building myself up, but I know I am on my way and moving in a positive direction! You can too!

    • Thanks a lot. It makes me feel a whole lot better in knowing that I can make it through this. I'm just sooo tired of the bullsh*t. Every single relationship I've been in the guys do a complete 180 and show me their ass. Like I did them really bad. When all I tried to do was be lathe best girlfriend that I could be.

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  • Honey, when something ends, it's the beginning of something else. Him leaving you means that there's room for someone else who is going to appreciate how much hard work you put in! You deserve so much more than him, and you will find it, it's out there!

  • in his eyes you were putting your jobs before your relationship and him... chin up buttercup hugs

    • I wasn't though. For instance we were supposed to actually meet up and talk about some things at a midway point between where he lives and I live. Instead he suggested he'd come to my house since I had worked a 12 today. HE suggested that. Not me. Which leads me to believe he had planned this the whole time. He planned on breaking up with me. He never once looked me in the face when we were talking he was turned away from me the whole time. A complete and total sign of disconnect.

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    • It is what it is. I told him he'd regret his decision. He claims I jumped the gun in thinking he wanted to break up with me. But he was too eager to take my "miss understanding" and run with it. Saying that I was the one that caused this. Like WTF? Who tells someone that they need to give someone time to grow without implying a breakup? Puh-lease. This was his feeble attempt at breaking up with me without actually having the balls to come out and really say it.

    • You deserve the moon and stars girlie don't ever settle for anything less

  • you're one heart break closer to your prince charming

    • I sure hope so. These toads are one kiss away from giving me heart disease...

    • Lmfao in a few months you won't even sweat it I promise!

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