Do you think it's a rebound? What is considered a rebound?

So my bf/coworker broke up 3.5 months ago and he is already in a new relationship who also works with us. (Were all from different departments but we still see each other a lot). When I found out I was really devastated but now I'm doing a little better considering I always see them together at work. When I do see them or even just my ex bf, I get a bit upset but I'm only human, I think it will take some time for me to move on.
How can you tell if my ex is just rebounding. Our relationship was really, really good (he even said it was the happiest he's ever been because he can actually be himself), I considered us to be very compatible but he ended up breaking up with me because of differences in things we want in the future. The break up happened randoms... We weren't arguing or anything he just got busy working late back to back shifts.. He didn't see me for a couple days in a row and ended up breaking up with me on the phone because he couldn't do it in person. He said he's been wanting to do it for the past couple of days but couldn't find the courage to do it. Anyways I don't know if that piece of information is even important.. So when I found out he was dating someone new I was shocked. Also he said he didn't want to be in a relationship for a long time and would rather focus on getting his career started. ... From what people say, he doesn't seem like his goofy self, likes he's holding back. And I hear the girl is very clingy.. Today I saw them at work and he was smiling. Pissed me off lol. I don't know if that was a fake smile or what but ya it annoyed me. *sighs* alright everyone give me feed back. Share your rebound stories if you like.


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  • Hmmmm rebound, is like what I did (yes.. Yes I am sorry to any women who's been used as a rebound)

    After a breakup I hooked up with a random girl doesn't matter who, so during my sexual desire.. I am not thinking about anyone else but her.

    Without the loneliness u get over the ex quite easy.

    • Yea rebounds can be both good and bad. I guess for me, I would feel better if I knew she was a rebound. It kinda shows that I my ex was hurt by the break up.

What Girls Said 1

  • I'd say ignore his smile and let him be. He couldn't even break up with you in person? Shallow!! Let him and clingy be happy together!!
    Sorry, no story.. just opinion

    • Well it's a new a year and that's exactly what my plan is. I'm going to be civil and kill them with kindness.

    • Good 😊

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