Is it realistic to think you can win an ex girlfriend back?

after a three month break-up i'm hoping to win her back... Why we broke up: we lived together, she started doubting, and because of her doubt i started doubting too, so i fel out of balance and i couldn't show her to the fullest that i loved her very much... Of course during this period of doubt: i was in spain with two mates, during this period she contacted her ex to know if she was happy, she started making me jealous by sending texts like i'm going out with bachelors, ... I got back and we had a good weekend together and the doubt just startef again... Eventually i couldn't take it anymore and i became more distant. I thought by myself, if she wanted to talk she would and we could work things out, since she was the one doubting but nothinh happened. Eventually i took the step to break it up... But i realize i really miss her and still love her... She said to me a couple of weeks ago, she wanted to be alone for a while so i wonder if she'll ever come back... Or can i do things to increase the chance of starting again?


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  • You know all those things you read online about moving on and working on yourself? It works.
    My ex broke up with me in June. I loved him and I suffered a lot. I spent the 1st month angry and sad, hoping he would contact me and say he made a mistake. After that month I moved on. I worked on myself. I bought new clothes and went regularly to the gym. I went out with friends and had great social life. We started hanging out together 2 months after the break up, because we have common friends. What happened is that he fell in love with me again. And he wanted me back. The thing is that I had moved on and learned to love myself, so I said no.
    In my opinion you should do the same. Work on yourself, love yourself, set your own goals. Life will take care of the rest. If she has feelings for you, she will feel them even more when seeing the improved you.


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  • The best thing to do is leave her be. If she's meant to come back she will.


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  • no not really.


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