Dating a work colleague, How can I move on?

I was dating a work colleague for nearly a year. We broke up recently. I still really love him and can't stand seeing him every day at work. I love my job but have been considering leaving because of this. Advice please.


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  • Don't dip your pen in company ink...

    • Yeah, I agree.. Unfortunately a little too late ha.

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  • If you leave your job, he's going to know how much the breakup hurt you. I don't think you should leave because you have to get over him eventually. Good luck!

    • Thanks for your advice I appreciate that.

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  • Why did you guys break up and who broke it off?

    • Actually, it was kind of a mutual decision. I was getting too emotionally involved. He's Indian and I'm English . He told me there was no future for us as his family/friends will never accept me. I thought better to end now before it gets more complicated but I'm heartbroken.

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