Should I tell him that I still love him or wait for him to make a move?

He broke up with me in September after one year of dating, because he suddenly had doubts and was unsure. He cried for a week, came back upologized for everything and wanted to gibe us a chance because he loves me but he can't bare the thought of hurting me su much again (i was devasted when he broke off the week before). But a week later he broke it off crying again.
We see each other every day because we are in the same courses at universitiy. He is really nice to me and smiles a lot. He is very helpful towards me but at the same time keeps his distance.

The two months before the break up were pretty tough, i was very sick, had surgery and i was very tired mentally and physically. BEcause of that and because my hometown is somewhere else we didn't so so much of each other during that time). He was stressed out because of work. So we had missunderstandigs but in the entire year of our relationship we never had a big fight. Not once. We were really good together (we are both 24) and he always imagend our next trips and future.

I just don't know what happened. He said the "fighting" was the reason. To a friend he said he had to make that decision for himself at the moment but he can't rule out his feelings will chance again.

But I still think we are really good together and I love and miss him. But I know I can't tell him or can I? Or will i push him further away? Should I make a move or wait more. As a guy would you want to be left alone?
I think I'll wait till my birthday in February . If I still feel the same that I want him back, I'll make a move. He is not a bad person at all. He was hurt a lot in his life by his dad and freinds and I think that made him a bit harder. So if things aren't great and there is a possibility he might get hurt he ends it first. He always said that you have to be your own most important person and take care of yourself. But inside he is really sensitive and can't handle a discussions or fights.


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  • Since I was dumped too I feel your pain, of course I want to make a move but, it won't accomplish anything. Well for me that is since she left me for her ex. But if I was him Id want you to contact me telling how you felt. But see he was the dumper so it's always harder since he wanted to break up verses being the dumpee who wanted to stay.

    • Oh and even if you had surgery I would have still came no matter if we broke up or not, beause I still love you. That's a move right there where your ex should have came, but maybe he didn't know.

    • He was very supportive and caring after the surgery, we were together during that time. But it was hard as I was really down and he was so stressed. So sometimes bthrough texting we had misunderstandings because sometimes you just read sth between the lines when you are not feeling so well or are stressed. And I think these "fights" led to the break up.

    • At the end of the day a fight is just a fight, if you both love eachother dearly. A fight shouldn't tear you guys apart, but realize you shouldn't ne fighting with eachother cause you love eachother. That's how I view my relationships, but hey all we can do is try.

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  • Do you really want a guy that left you twice? He gave up on you and hurt you two times. I don't think you can ever trust him again. How long will it take until he gives up on you again?

    • Very wise, two times is pushing it once is bearable but two times.

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    • Anyway, when you truly love someone you don't give up this easy. Just move on, work on yourself and be at your best. The right guy will show up eventually :-)

    • Moving on is just not working. I see him everyday and no matter how angry or disapointed I am, he smiles and it just feels right. I know it doesn't make sense. I really try to forget him. I'm active, do sports, see my friends, study... I'm trying to get to know new people. But it is him.

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  • He seems like he does care about you but he doesn't know what he wants. I don't think telling him how you feel will be any better either, he's broken up with you twice and is distant. Don't wait for him because he might just move on and leave you to deal with the pain.


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