Is it me or them, help me figure it out please?

Whenever I get close to a guy, it always ends up as a disaster. The first guy I understand why he cut me off, because I was being really weird and I was young.

The second one, I'm not sure why. He seemed to just randomly cut me off and we ended things badly.

This guy, he just was a complete jerk. Comes around only when he's lonely and begs for me to talk to him, and when I do, he is disrespectful and I end up not speaking to him and the cycle continues. (I'm ending it for good this time)

I don't know why I always end things on a bad note with guys. Is it me? What am I doing wrong? I think I just don't know how to give them space..


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  • It seems that you just aren't meeting the right guys, but it is hard to tell. You haven't given us enough to go on. But why do you let them come back when they are such asses?


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