Love at first sight?

It was love at first site for me, but she only thought of me as a friend. She eventually started to like me but I didn't know so the young 8 year old me just stayed quiet. 5 years later when I got the balls to ask her out she said it was only puppy love, and she rejected me. She knows I still love her, but for the last 3 years it's just been really awkward between us when we're together. When she got a boyfriend and was dumped by him I support her and we started to grow close again but then all at once she stopped texting me and now she keeps leading me on. Yesterday she told me me she doesn't want a relationship because her heart was still healing even though she knows I'm a "nice" guy and we're good friends, but then today I found out from her friend that she got another bf this morning. What should I do?😕


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  • Go play some pokemon, that's what you should do. You're 13 years old! You don't need to be dating now!

    And by the way, you can't honestly tell me that you knew what love was at age 8.

    • Ummm, I'm 16 now

    • Your post makes it seem like you are 13.

      Still, you should just go play pokemon. And not these new bullshit generation games. I'm talking, generations 1-3. That shit never gets old

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  • She's leading you on, it seems. Don't hold your breath for her and try to just move on... She is looking at you as an option and you don't really want that.


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