Wanting to make things right with the women of my dreams? Is it possible or its it forever done?

Me and this women have been friends for 18 long years, we have known each-other since we were kids, we are both in our early 30's now and gave dating a shot, well after the second breakup, I screwed up bad... she did wright me a 3 page long hand wrote brake up letter, but I screwed up and reacted out of anger... blowing up her phone, storming her apartment, acting like a dam fool. But the root of that wasn't the break up letter, or the fact she broke up with me, but I had four of my best friends die just before we started dating, and my brain went into panic mode... now she won't even pick up the phone, blocked me on her accounts, and wants nothing to do with me, I do talk to the rest of her family and we have lots of mutual friends... I am seeking counseling, and trying to correct everything she wrote in the break up letter, but my question is, is that friendship gone forever and if not, how long will it take her to forgive me? thanks.


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  • I'd give her time for sure. Whether it is over for good is up to her. Maybe after several months, write her a letter saying what you have been working on, you are very sorry and you hope she can forgive you. Tell her that you feel that you were wrong with how you acted. Either mail it to her house or give it to a trusted mutual friend to give to her, or as an even better idea, send it to her with a bunch of flowers but after that do not pursue it any more.

    • I know she is stubbren, and doesn't forgive easily, but i know my hands are tied for right now. :(

    • Yeah :( I'm sorry... We all make mistakes and the best you can do is to improve yourself and be patient

    • She was the one person through out my life i have always took the time to listen carefully too, think about what i said before i said them, and was always nice too, and for some reason i stopped being that way... I regret it now because she said that was one of my best quilites that she liked about me, and why we dated... I was the guy that always walked beside her while all my guy friends walked behind her... i'm sure as a female you know why that is...

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  • Seems you've invested everything in this woman. Not healthy sir, I have a question if you don't mind. What exactly is it about her that you miss?

    • Her personality, its very different from anyone i have ever met or known, and she has known me better then anyone i have ever known as well. She can look me in the eyes and know what i'm thinking without even saying a word... and she was a fair mix of every personality i have ever looked for, and I miss the friendship that is unique to both of us... and most of my most beautiful memories from a kid to adult are all with her... I know sad right?

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    • And no i haven't seen that movie.

    • Everybody else said that, but not her. Be careful with this. As for the movie, there's a line that says "Don't walk into something that you can't walk out on in 30 seconds or less" That's how I have approached past relationships, I suggest you do the same with thus one. Don't invest too much into it, be prepared to walk out at and not think twice. I'm really hoping you end up riding into the sunset with this woman, but prepared for the exact opposite. I could be way off with my analysis of the situation, and I hope I am. Best of luck to you man, hope it all falls into place.

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  • Yes you should definitely give her time. Then you can maybe send her a special message that only you two would understabd. Like maybe from a movie or book you both like. And tgen you can tell her all the things you've been working on in that special way and tell her you miss her and want her back in your life even just as a friend. Bring up some of tge best nemories you had together and tell her you want to make lots of new memories with her if she'll give you a second chance. Good luck!


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