So I went on a date with my ex.. now what?

Hey all,

So as I already mentioned in earlier questions, I'm in the process of trying to re-attracht my ex girlfriend.

She broke up with me two months ago because she "quote: felt that she had never had the experience of being single and that she saw us getting more serious and that frightened her a bit". I also know that I behaved needy, insecure and clingy in the relationship and that that had turned her off.

When she broke up she said she wanted to remain friends, to which I replied that that was something I couldn't do, because I feel way more for her than to just be friends.

After the break up I didn't initiate any contact what so ever. I let her come to me at her own pace. That payed off. She contacted me more and more and after I asked to go out for a drink twice, which after she replied she didn't have the time, I stopped asking and then she asked for a date a week later.

We went out yesterday and it was a fun evening. She told me that she had gone on a date with another guy and kissed him. That hit me like a ton of bricks but I maintained my composure. I said: "well, I don't see him as a threat, because it's far from what we have together". She agreed and told me he was nothing serious and she didn't really like him.

She also said that she saw me as a perfect person to be with, but that our timing was just off and that she thought it was a possibillity that when I was finished working on myself and she was finished doing silly things and living the single life, we might find eachother again.

She cried once because she told me she didn't want to hurt me over someone that doesn't matter, but that she couldn't keep it from me either. I comforted her and told her she should do what she has to do and that I'm not mad nor threatened by him.

When I dropped her off she wanted to hug me goodbye, but I told her: "Just kiss me" and she kissed me on the lips.

Women: What do her actions/words mean? Where is her attraction level for me at?


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  • Being a bit objective, I think she quite likes you, but she wants to experience more with other guys. She knows that if she comes back with you it will be long and serious so she will not have the chance to experience with other guys.

    On the other hand, and being subjective, i think she likes you, but there's something she doesn't like. If i find a person i like a lot and I know the thing between us is serious and im okay with it, i dont have the need to experience with others. I dont know if this makes any sense.

    • It makes total sense, I also know what it is she doesn't like. My behavior when I was in the relationship.
      I started as a confident guy but after a while I stopped going for my own goals and focused all of my attention and time on her, that caused her to feel smothered.
      So far, this is the clearest response anyone could give me. Thanks!

    • To add to my previous response, I think that she fears it will be the same if we start to take things further and that she'll lose her freedom.

      Does that make sense?

    • Yea, give her her own space.
      Obviously its good that you focus your attention on her, and girls like and appreciate it but we need our space too, if not you will end up being annoying.

      I'm glad my response helped you : )

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  • She's dramatic. An actress to be sure who believes her own lies.


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