Girl broke up with me after two months, saying she wasn't ready for a relationship?

And we'll, I've really not been taking it very well.

I fell absolutely in love with this girl. she was in love with me also. she's also getting a place with a mutual friend and so I figured we'd be able to hang out and do stuff we couldn't really do before. I don't mean just sexually either.

Anyway about 4 days ago she texts me to let me know that her parents are getting a divorce and that she can't get into a relationship right now. Basically I got dumped.

I've been nothing but supportive of this girl, and never judging or abusive or anything. She says she just needs time and isn't sure of what her feelings will be in a month.

Anyway I knew something was up the day before she broke up with me and I talked to the mutual friend and the friend said that the girl I was with confided to her that she hoped we would work out and loved me and so I was probably just nervous since I had put my feelings out there recently.

Anyway I haven't taken this very well and I'm going to try to wait since it's not really my fault that she decided to end things. Our friend says she'll let me know when my ex seems ready to try again.

Any idea of how long this will be or what I can do to get her back?

I'm utterly perplexed over this.
so um yeah.

i basically found out that she dumped me for another guy. A guy she had been with before me.

she dumped me with the "parents are getting divorce" excuse and then a week later started dating someone else.


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  • Send her flowers and tell her that you hope she feels better soon and you are there for her if she needs anything. Pretty much all you can do, then just be patient. It'll work out!


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  • She's going through a rough time. It's always a shock when the relationship you used as reference falls apart.

    It doesn't sound like it's anything you did. She just needs time to herself. The best thing you can do is give her space, while letting her know that you're there for her, and keeping moving forward with your own life. Maybe she'll be ready to get back together with you someday. Maybe she won't. You have no idea what will happen.

    But if she's looking for time, give her time! She says she's not sure what her feelings will be, so be prepared that she won't be interested. That's not in your control. And trying to control the situation might just drive her away. But it sounds like she has feelings for you, her life was just thrown into turmoil, and she needs to figure things out in her own way.


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