Email ex today, New Years Eve?

So I'm considering to send my ex boyfriend an email. We broke up three years ago in good terms.

Last year he sent me an email on a Christmas day, it was sort of a PDF with nice messages, after that we exchanged a couple of messages and he asked for my number. I gave it to him but the day he called I missed the call. That's it.

He hasn't contacted me and neither do I after that failed call.

I would like to wish him the best. Today.

Your thoughts?


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  • go for it, he wants you back i think but why did you missed the call, poor guy, prolly think you ignored him or smthg :/

    • I missed the call because I was at work, and I didn't have my cell with me. A friend told me that I've had call him back but I was a chicken.

    • it's okay, it's over and done with now... i hope he everything works well for you !

    • thanks for MH :)

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  • U can just text him or call him if you are comfortable with it.


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