Can I talk to HIS best friend for advise?

I hate it if you have to go behind peoples back and you can't talk to them directly. But... the break basically came out nowhere without a reason. After we both cried on the phone for a week and missed each other he apologized and said everything was his fault and he wants to be with me but it is my choice. Of course I took him back and after another hard with incredible mood swings he left again. We had been dating for over a year. Two weeks later he told me it was because we had to many dicussions latley (no fights, just discussions...)

His best friend got the news from me and was really shocked. He didn't talk to anyone about it.
I know he talked to him after the break up.

It's been three months. And we see each other every day and spend many ours together. And he is so kind on somedays, the he is incredibly helpful and smiles at me like he used to. But then on other days he is distant again.
In December he said "it could work between us again someday" and smiled at me his warm smile and (i'm not romantic so I'm not exaggerating) his eyes light up.

I'm not running after him. I try to treat him like everybody else and we like each other so it's no bad feelings between us (besides my bruised self). But I_m active, do sports, go out, meet new people... It's just we fit.

Maybe his best friend knows whats going on. if he needs time to figure out what he wants or... I don't know. Talking to my ex is not possibile. He would feel pushed and would be of no use...
But I guess it's not right to go behind his back to his best friend?
*Of course I took him back and after another hard WEEK with incredible mood swings he left again


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  • I think you shouldn't talk the best friend about the ex because he may go back and tell the ex things. Also the ex could use it as leverage to be noisy and snoop in your business and see what your doing? And who you are dating? etc. Also you would have to trust the best friend to be neutral and not tell the ex things your talking about.


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