I will be seeing my Ex girlfriend for the first time since I moved away. Tips?

So basically myself and my ex broke up a month and a half ago because i was moving away. Im in Ireland and she is in Germany. Next week im going back to for a few days. We both still have strong feelings for eachother.

I told her i was coming over yesterday and she was very happy, it was also the first time we spoke on the phone since the break up.
She is still unsure about whether she wants to get back together. I still love her and would be whilling to try Long distance.

So my question is, what can i possibly do to ensure that my ex and i can try and get back together?
What must i do?
Do i buy her some flowers gifts or anything like that?
And how could i convince her to give it a shot?

All opinions are welcome :)
And yes i do think the chances are good but i dont want to keep my hopes up. The phone conversation was as if nothing really changed :)


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  • I'm pretty sure she'd be willing as well, but how long will you be in Ireland? After a while the long distance thing can become very lonely and extremely frustrating. My opinion is that long distance relationships will kill you... emotionally that it.

    • Im not to sure as i may be going to the army, i loved living there and would gladly go back. i had thoughts of scrapping the army idea and just doing it. She wants me to go though :/

    • No she doesn't. She just doesn't want you to resent her for asking you to please stay later on in life.

  • Yes you should do all those things! It will show her you care


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