How do I get my ex boyfriend back? What does my situation mean?

My bf & I have been dating for 2 years. Everything was great w/ us, we were so in love & happy & then the next day, he told me he didn't love me anymore & wanted to break up. I'm so confused, but when we hung out, he acted like he wanted to be with me, but then when I would ask him, he said the feelings came & go. How do i get him to want me back? I miss him & I love him so much. Please don't tell me to get over him. That's not what I want.


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  • It's all about timing, if he doesn't want you he just doesn't want you. He wants other things right now. Keep being friends with him, be there for him even if he is being distant with you. Don't be too pushy, too clingy, or too possessive of him right now, that's just going to make him run the other way more. Unfortunately there's no magic formula or potion to get someone to love you again except that I've seen ex-lovers come back together again after being friends and giving each other time and space to explore other things.


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