Why would my ex drunk text me?

So my ex and I broke up 6 months ago and ended pretty badly. He had blocked my phone number a month ago. I sent him a letter explaining why I ended things the way I did, hoping to explain the situation and thus remove all the negative feelings between us. He texted me the day he got it, sober, and explained that he is not interested in being around me in any way shape or form. I said I understand. But I told him that if he ever changed his mind, to feel free to shoot me a text. He promised he never would. The next day, he texts me at 11 pm saying his mom didn't like me. Confused, I told him that I don't know why but that it didn't bother me. He said he was done trying to "torture" me and that he had had six glasses of wine already. Then he went on to first say that I need to move on and that he pities me. Then he said he wants to hug me and comfort me. Then he started telling me all about his new girlfriend, who he has been with for a few months, and how she is better than me in every way imaginable. Then he mentioned comparing himself to his brothers before starting to explain why the three years we were together, he never truly loved me and the whole thing was based out of "sick infatuation and obsession". He then told me that he would not stop texting me until I absolutely hated him and did not love him at all anymore. By this time, it was past 2 am and I was beyond exhausted. I told him that I could never hate him so he started telling me details of his sexual relationship with his new girlfriend and how much better she is. I told him to stop but that it doesn't make me hate him. I then stopped answering. He told me we need to finish this "f*cked up relationship" as his last text to me. Why would he do all that? Does he still have feelings he's trying to mask? Or does he really mean all his drunken comments? I know he started with six drinks and that he continued drinking as we talked but I have no idea just how much he'd had by the end of it.


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  • Some guys can not let go. You should block his #. If it makes you feel better, I got a drink text from an ex as well. Not as crazy as yours though. I told her to have a nice one and she went on her way


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  • Drunk rant to be ignored we all do it


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  • He's drunk.

    • Does that mean I shouldn't listen to anything he says? Or is there truth in drunken rants?

    • There is nothing worthwhile in a drunken rant.

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