Why would you ignore a text?

Guys, I don't know if its me.. but I just have the worst luck with men. For some reason guys tend to ignore my text messages when I've upset them. I can't figure out why they think its appropriate to do that. I think being ignored is really rude. Here's what happened in the latest situation:

My boyfriend and I were having a rough week. I'm not sure why, but he kept pushing me away. He wouldn't want to be affectionate anymore, I asked him if he was ok and he said he was fine. I bought him a gift to cheer him up, and he just said thanks. On the 4th day, we planned to go out and I didn't hear from him so I called him up and asked when we were going out. He said "I don't feel like it anymore", and I became very upset and asked if he had an issue with me and he said "Nope". I got angry and told him I was very unhappy with how he's acting lately, and he said "Ok.". I hung up and texted him asking him to tell me what's going on because I felt confused, and he ignored it. NO response from him for 2 weeks so far, which is unusual for him, because he's normally the sweetest guy ever and we communicate frequently. Why? This happens ALL the time to me. The guy will just completely shut me out and act like I'm DEAD. You want space? Fucking say so! Don't act shady and ignore me like a child. I don't feel like I'm a clingy girl or too distant, so I don't know.

FYI: I'm done with that guy, so I don't need advice on our relationship, rather I would like opinions on why I'm getting ignored and if you think ignoring someone who texted you is appropriate.


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  • I don't think it is ever ok to ignore your partner. Maybe if you have a fight it's alright to ignore someone for a bit so that you both can calm down, but certainly not for two weeks.

    I'm not sure why you're getting ignored. It happens to me as well though. I think that when men lose interest in you they just cut you off like you don't matter. It is very hurtful. I am going through something similar right now again. With this guy (who is now my ex), I was sure it'd be different because he was always so kind. He claims he isn't ignoring me, but he clearly is. It's hurtful really. I don't know what you or I could do about it. I don't think it's our fault so I don't see how there's anything that can be done to make guys stop acting like that.

    • Yeah, its just really annoying and a huge turn off for me. If a guy ignores me for trying to understand him and I'm making an effort to communicate, I usually don't speak to that guy ever again once he decides to talk to me again because I feel like the respect is gone after that.

    • It definitely ruins trust and that feeling of being comfortable around someone. If you've seen once what they're capable of, you're naturally going to protect yourself from further pain.

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