Is it normal for girls to go complete no contact after things end or they don't see a guy in person anymore?

its weird I haven't heard anything at all from this girl I used to know for several months now , we used to be rather close and were friends and sort of like dated back then. then you know at some point things ended and she started to see someone else.
I guess my question is about why I haven't heard anything from her for so long? and she did live rather close to me and her parents still live in this town so she must of been back for holidays. guess I wonder is the no contact thing normal for such a situation? we never like agreed to keep in touch or decided it be best not to try. she just sort of like disappeared and I never hear anything from her and even quick genuine attempts online to see what she's up to don't get a reply back , the whole situation is kind of buging me and find it frustrating to not even hear a thing from her or there to be any interest in even staying casual friends


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  • I'm in the same boat. You will never get closure or know why. But if you dwell on it you will go out of your mind instead. Just imagine instead that she did like you, misses you in some capacity and leave it like that. Sometimes not knowing is the best thing

    • I wonder if maybe she was hurt more than I realised when I saw her last rate at end of summer , I saw her one night at local pub and she seemed in an off mood and then I didn't even see her till Halloween . she might of been upset at me when summer ended and I didn't realise it was this bad

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  • she has moved on. Some people do it that way, some people want to stay in touch. She doesn't.


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  • Maybe she is just super busy? I get like that sometimes. Or she has just moved on... it happens, especially if you have only known her a few months.

    • yeah she has moved on but still would of been back home during holidays and could of said hi , it also means I won't likely get any chances to see her in person again till summer if she comes back home then?

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    • well at this point I've given up any hope of hearing from her this holiday break , I do feel she might resurface come summer if she's around , she did that last year after not seeing her for a bit so who knows

    • Anything is possible! I have guy friends that I only catch with once or twice a year, but we are still fairly close.

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