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I know I'll never know the truth for sure, but I'd please like to hear your best, honest guesses as to what happened so I can try to feel some closure. After four months of dating (and almost a year of knowing one another), my bf dumped me saying he's not ready for a relationship. I didn't understand because he seemed REALLY into me, at least up until the last week when he seemed slightly distant (i. e. not seeing me quite as much and being a little less physically affectionate) BUT still seemed interested in my life, listening to my problems, texting me all throughout the day (we were even having a fun conversation JUST MINUTES before he broke up with me!), texting good night, doing me favors/the little things, etc. Did he completely lose feelings/get bored in just a week? The other factor to consider is that we're both teens and his family is SUPER strict and tight-knit and seemed to be trying to keep us apart. What do you think was the primary cause of this? Thank you very much!
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  • He sounds still interested in you otherwise he wouldn't do the things he still does. It's probably true that he just doesn't feel ready for a relationship, and not family issues because otherwise he'd tell you the truth since you already know about his family. Just my opinion.


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  • If he had feeling they wouldn't suddenly disappear like that. I believe he had family issues and told you he wasn't ready.


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