She was horrible to me but I still like her. How can I get over her?

I've been seeing this girl for about 2 months. It was going really well. Or so I thought. Suddenly she started ignoring my calls and messages. I took the hint that she wanted nothing to with me anymore.

After a couple of days I sent her a message asking what was going on. Asking if I had done something wrong. Still no reply. I left it a few days and messaged her again. This time I had a bit of a go at her. Telling her she should at least tell me that it's over and give a reason. still no reply. I then wished her a Happy New Year on New Years Eve. This got a reply.

She accused me of stalking her. Obviously I defended myself saying that wishing someone a happy new year is not stalking. She then accused me of messaging her daily, which clearly isn't true. I've sent her about 4 messages in 2 weeks. She then accused of dragging her friends into it. I haven't spoken to any of her friends for about a month and have not mentioned them at all to her. She then started with some personal insults at me. Which I ignored.

I know now that I'm better off without her. It's not like I was in love with her but I can't help feel upset because I did like her.

Anyway, what's the best way to get over someone would you all say?


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