If a guy breaks up with a girl... what is the likelyhood he will get back in touch again?

My guy let me down and would never commit to coming to see me... he would reply believe in me and I will come very soon... that only filled me with anxiety that I was believing in someone who had already not shown on me.

We tried to patch things up but he continued to not communicate well with me only causing more rows between us with him ending it saying we have said all that needs to be said and admitting he spoiled it between us and saying he still loved me and always would.

I feel betrayed and let down by him...
That was the whole reason we ended... he always said all the right things to me... his actions never matched his words... I felt heart broken... I even told him that... please show me you love me.. he would just say I do love you and always will... and then did nothing
he didn't see the urgency in showing me... to regain my trust and belief... he thought I would just blindly give it too him... in the end my distrust was justified cause he did nothing


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  • What about if your ex left you after 9months, to try again with her first love? i mean she always boasted how I was way better than her ex in everything. Oh well I'm moving on.


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  • I know exactly what you are feeling. There is no way to know the answer to that. The way I see it, it's a game to boost their own egos. To know that someone out there loves them and are willing to show it with little effort from them. It's there actions that count as well as ours. We have to show them we deserve more and value ourselves. We can't stand for their cheap words. We must take action and move on. LET GO! Easier said than done, I know for a fact. But if he meant anything he said he would show it. If he is doing this to you he has done or is doing it to someone else. He has options and is moving through them. He can't get to you right now he's to busy doing what he did to you to someone else. All he has is words. When you disappear he'll get the picture and will either show up and prove to you or he'll just come back with more words and you have to show him you are worth more than that.


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  • Hey you... i totally feel for you. it's the worst feeling to be waiting for someone who keeps disappointing you. unfortunately he messed up! and it is not your responsibility to make him see this. from experience exes who messed up with me always came back at some point. but your goal right now better be you looking after yourself, get a massage, watch a comedy, or even just have a delicious meal! i give myself a handmassage from time to time and light some candles! once you focus on yourself a lot of things will change. probably he will also come around and realise what a great girl he lost!

    • They never see the 'great catch' that you are. They don't think that much in depth about anything. It's a nice thought though

    • From experience they do, but when it's "too late". in two cases i had moved on, one case worked out (but only because he had to prove himself with actions first)

  • When a guy breaks up with you that's the relationship finished.
    Time to move on

    • you say that and my previous guy waited 5 months and tried to contact me... I blocked him and got on with my life...

    • He waited 5 months to contact the love of his life. Methinks not. More like he had an itch needing scratched. You did the right thing though

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