How to get over an Ex that keeps coming back to haunt me?

I broke up with this girl of 2 years 8 months ago and she kept trying to contact me for 6 months. I ignored her for 6 months, but it's cuddle season and she was being real sweet with her voicemails and texts. I decided to answer a call and we started to see each other from there but it got bad real fast. She started being a bitch towards me and tormented me in every way possible. When I decided to get out of it she keeps finding a way to contact me and starts being sweet only to crush me and leave me cold again. I been going out and talking to girls, hanging with friends, found new hobbies, working to improve myself, but I still can't help thinking of her. I blocked her from my phone and social networks, but this cold season got me all f'd up.


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  • I have an ex who does the same thing. Stay strong. Know that they are bad for you and try to find peace with moving on. Tell yourself that the "nice" times are just a passing moment and that you deserve consistency. Anytime that they contact you just keep saying "no" if you feel the need to respond at all. Empower yourself and reject their offer to be in your life when you know they are bad for you.

    • She clearly doesn't care about you. She does it because she can and and because you allow it to happen every times. Stop being available to her everytime. She probably comes back when other options doesn't work out for her and she needs an ego boost or a boost of confidence. Just me strong and try to move on. Give it time

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  • I think you are just feeling the loneliness of the holiday season. With everyone all cheery and lovey around you, you start to think about past relationships. I would advise you to wait till spring comes along and if you still are thinking some type of way, then maybe you can reevaluate the relationship.


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  • So basically you're weak. We can't fix that.


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