What does it mean to be in despair after a breakup?

my ex told me that I caused him to go into despair after the breakup? I'm not sure what that means?


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  • It means he feels hopeless, but don't worry he'll get over it! He feels like "ohnoonewilleverlikeme imugly blahblahblah" If he told you this he probably wants to make you feel bad. Jist keep doing you hun :)

    • You don't know that. Some men don't get over it. This is one reason why there are lots of middle aged men who won't get involved with a woman anymore and why middle aged women complain that they can't get a man.

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    • I, as well answered her question and defined what it meant to be in despair. However, I see in no way how I gave any indication of "knowing little aboit men" or how that would affect the valodity of my answer. I told op what it meant to be in despair abd also offered support to her, assuring her that she does not need to stick around if she doesn't feel the need to. (As mant women would feel obligated to do such a thing in that position) If tou are refferencing the fact that I said her ex boyfriend would get over it as a lavk of understanding, allow me to clarify what I meant. By saying "he'll get over it"and I was offering comfort as manty would in a real life situation (face to face) . As there is no guarantee he will, in fact, get over it. However, most healthy people would eventually get over it. And as I said before, that wasn't a way of forseeing the future, as it was more an empathetic tool.

    • About* validity* and* you* lack* many* please excuse my typing errors. @vjreejr

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