Does he miss me and want to get back together again?

I was seeing this guy I worked with for about 2 months. One day, I freaked him out a bit and it was over soon after. He ended it really but was always looking at me, watching me, would still talk to me and hug me and hold me if I was upset, etc. I didn't think anything of it. A few weeks later I lost my job and all my friends from work said he was really bummed out about it. He went on a trip to visit family but when he got back, he was texting me occasionally and a couple nights ago, I was out and about downtown going to bars and such and he texted me asking where I was. I told him which bar I was heading to and as I am walking one way to get there, he is walking from the other direction and goes to the same bar. After that, I went to a lounge where we used to hang out at. A few hours later, he texted me asking if I was still there but I wasn't so I said no. That was it. He is always on my Facebook profile (so I have been told) and he is always viewing my snapchats but never snapchats anyone else but his best friend. So, my question is: Does he miss me? Is there a chance here? He used to not be like this and now it seems like he is always watching what I am up to. I fell really hard for him and I think about him every day.


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  • I'd say there's a chance, he might have regretted breaking up and is unsure how you feel and if you would go back out with him. I broke up with a girl 5 years ago till this day I regret it, but I still talk to her help her when she needs it and listen when she's upset only problem is is that i am now 1000 miles away and gettin ready to enlist in national guard in the state I am in so I can't see her within this year, and I haven't seen her for 4 years, but I still watch over her and she knows it I still tell her sweet things even though we're not dating, no matter what I do she's always on my mind always. But I would say there is a chance just ease into things though from the sound of it he still has feelings for you and he's not entirely sure though if you feel the same or he might not know how to bring the topic up since he was the one to break up with you

    • Thanks! I was thinking that too. I've gotten mixed answers from friends but I was thinking that he kind of regretted it and missed me. we never fought or anything, he just decided to end it. Good luck with you and your ex. Love usually has a way of finding its way back to you eventually.

    • Sure thing and yes it does thank you

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