How to break up with the other girl without let her to tell my girlfriend?

I'm dating another girl and when she fond out that I've a girlfriend I made a lie and told her that my relationship with my girlfriend doesn't work anymore and I want to break up with her but it needs time and she needs to wait.
Now I want to break up with this girl and work on my relationship with my girlfriend but I think she would tell her because she knows her now and has her number.


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  • If you actually really care about your girlfriend and the relationship, it's time to be honest. You've betrayed her for a while now and it's time to put your cards on the table. Don't try some sinister and perfidious way to get out of this situation with further lies and deceptions. It's time to own up to what you've done. Your girlfriend deserves to know the truth and to decide whether SHE still wants to work on your relationship.

    • Thank you. I care about her and don't want to hurt her but don't sure about our relationship and see no future in it. But as you said she deserves to know the truth even if she decide to leave.

    • The thing is you have already hurt her. If you see no future in the relationship, then why do you want to give it another go? Perhaps it would be best to end things. Sometimes we care about people but still they're not the right person for us.

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  • Tell them that you're a weak-willed individual and break up with both of them. But I know you won't do it because you're incapable of feeling guilt.

    • Why so offensive? And yes I don't want to break up with both of them an be alone.

  • I'm rooting for that girl, hope she does have the guts to tell your girlfriend.

  • I'm surprised you could get one girl, let alone two.

    Whatever happens, happens. It's kinda the risk you were willing to take for being unfaithful.

  • Break up with both and be alone.


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  • Well you've got yourself in a pickle here

    Glad I've never dated two girls at the same time


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