Can he still be my friend? Can I approach him?

So, this guy and I were together. We started off friends and I considered him my best friend. We got together and I basically played him. I kept on holding onto the feeling that we could be more then friends. Eventually I knew all we were meant to be were friends and broke up with him... Over text. Yes I was a cowards but I didn't want to break into tears in front of him. This is the last text message he sent me, the last time he spoke to me... Do I still have a chance to make him my friend again?

(Name) I was nothing but good to you. If you didn't like me from the start that's your problem. You should have said something. You have made me regret the Time we have had together and I wish I spent it on someone true. I don't want to talk to you any more. Don't even bother on replying because I won't answer. I am done with you.

I said:I'm sorry you feel that way, hopefully you'll be able to get over your anger and we can be friends until then goodbye.

We haven't talked sense then, it was over two months ago. At school it's akeard and we avoid each other. After the break up his friends were and still kind of are mean to me. But I miss my best friend, can I get him back?


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  • How can you be friends with a guy you treated poorly in the relationship... why would he want to be friends with a girl like that? You probably need to work on your friendship skills first before you can be in a relationship

    • Thank you for best answer

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    • Yeah, not the best relationship...

    • Anyway, glad you're out of it, sounds like you had a tough time getting out of it, but glad you finally did

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  • Well whatevery you said to him left a great impact on him and he is very angry. Give him some time if he really cherished what you two had he will definitely come around and text you, until then just wait


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  • It sounds like, sad to say that you really hurt him. It may have been only two months ago but some people need a lot of time to get over someone before being friends again. Show him that you still have a life but don't avoid him, try to interact taking baby steps, why don't you try making eye contact in the corridor.

    • He's kind of a manipulator though, he had had so many girl friends in the past that he knows ways to make them feel guilty. That's another reason why I broke up with him.

      He's also apart of the... Not popular crowd per say, but defiantly on a higher up level then me.

      We don't have any classes or lunch together the only time I see is in between classes and he's always surrounded by friends. It's intimidating.

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