How to meet new people when I am too anxious to go to social events/clubs?

I can't meet people through work or where I live, I can go to events/clubs etc once a fortnight when my son is with his Dad but I am too anxious to go as I know literally no-one and I lost all my friends when my husband and I split.


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  • One step at a time.. I know the feeling.

    Start by making friends at less noisy environments. Clubs aren't really a place to make new friends from scratch, but to go to with some people you know.

    Just take baby steps in acquiring quality friends first through areas of common interest. If you join a club or go to a gym you might meet some people with similar interests. Strike conversation, use a nothing to lose attitude and you will make a friend or two.

    Then build this up through reciprocal invites for dinners/birthdays and gradually a social circle will form. You will get to know their friends too.

    And before you know it you'll be meeting others who want to go clubbing if that's what you wish and go for it!

    Your EXTROVERT self will return, she's just on a temporary holiday, that's all.

    • Thank you. I cannot meet people through local clubs/my gym as the area is very rough! But as my New Years resolution I forced myself to go to a social event where I knew no one. I was so nervous and anxious I left after 2 hours despite drinking but I am going to keep trying

    • Same here, but keep at it, or be patient and one day in the right area you will meet the right sort of people!

      Good luck!

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  • You need to work on your anxiety. It's the only way I see. If you're calmer you can surely at least start talking to somebody.

    • It feels like such a huge deal to go to a social club or event - how do I overcome my anxiety? I used to be such an extrovert it was never an issue but I'm an emotional wreck these days

    • The only way I see is trying to overcome it. Try to remember of your old extrovert days. Try to remember what made you stop being like this and work on it. If you were like this one day you can be again, you just need to identify the causes and work on them. You'll overcome it.

  • You don't.


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