What would you do if you were in my shoes?

If you went both your separate ways on good terms, you lived together and you dated a year and a half...

Reason : the girl doubted, you started to doubt too because of her, you couldn't take that nagging feeling in your stomach anymore and break up...

Already 3 months apart and from the day it was official, you get thatweird feeling back... you realize you miss her as a person and not just " someone", you talk to her and tell her you still love her and you want to make it work... she tells you: she's a mess right now, she feels like being apart because she wouldn't trust herself in a relation at this moment and she can't give you what you wanted...

I want to hear both sides:
Girsl: what would you like to see your ex do, what would reignite that spark for you?

Boys: what would you do if you're in this situation, what will you do or what can you do to win her heart back again...


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  • People do what they want to do. If she wanted you, she would make it happen. She isn't. So if I were in your shoes, I would move on.

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