Have you ever thought, "I will never find anyone as pretty as him/her."?

I don't solely choose women on their looks, you can be beautiful but I'd still not be attracted to you. I just didn't want to say all of that in the title.

Have you ever broken up with someone and thought you would never find someone as pretty/handsome? And did you?

Tell me how you overcame your lose of a 10/10.


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  • Well I've never dated anybody. However I've liked the same guy for five years straight. I always think I'll never stop liking him. I find him perfect in every way. He has visual flaws, not many though. The visual flaws can be fixed easily with braces. I like him not only for his good looking exterior, but his personality too. He is very sweet and funny, and also masculine while still sensitive. He's perfect to me. So since we never dated I never lost him. However I know he doesn't like me back. And frankly I haven't gotten over it. As much as I try I can't stop liking him. I know I'm only under 18, but I feel like he's the one I want to be with. Five years IS a long time, and I don't see the crush ceasing any time soon.

    • Have you and him ever talked?

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    • I know but if rather be his friend tjem nothing and if he knows I like him and the feelings but mutual, I won't be able to be with him and that would destroy me

    • You might think so, but what happens if he ends up with a different girl? That is going to hurt worse than him saying that he doesn't like you.

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